I've always been fascinated by sea creatures, especially ones from the depths that have bioluminescence and look like they're from another planet.

this guy is a glass squid:

this here's a box jellyfish:

and finally we have the translucent pelagic octopus:

These were all drawn on black paper with a white gel pen, then to add color I went over the white ink with other markers or some highlighters.

Please to Enjoy!


  1. The last one of the octopus is my favorite; black and white + a single color is one of my favorites, although it's verrrry played out in photography ever since point and shoots started letting you key out colors in-camera. Either way I will "please to enjoy".

  2. agreed, i hate that feature on digital camera's.

    The top two actually have light blue in them that didn't show up to well in the scans so it's not so monotonous with the white on black.